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Endovenous Laser Ablation Technique

Endovenous laser ablation technique is a common treatment method in order to close varicose veins by high power laser beams. In this method, laser beams are delivered using fiber optical laser probes. Laser probes with radial emission have better characteristics in terms of light delivery to target area without injuring the adjacent tissues, compared to bare-ended fibers with forward emission.

CeLAS Surgical Laser Probes

CeLAS surgical laser probes emits light as a single ring or two rings with homogenous intensities, depending on the application requirements. With probes produced with highest quality standards, problems such as power loss or carbonization are avoided, enabling efficient laser operation with lower laser powers.

Technical characteristics and advantages of CeLAS Surgical Laser Probes:

  • - Percutaneous introduction into the vein and compatibility with endoluminal ablation.

  • - Emission as one ring or two rings, depending on the application.

  • - Probe diameter compatible with 6F or 4F catheters, depending on the application.

  • - Simple plug-and-turn integration with laser device.

  • - Ring marks for guiding the application.

  • - Single use sterile package.

  • - CeLAS Surgical laser probes have highest quality characteristics and they are compatible with CE, ISO9001 and ISO13485 certificate and standarts.